Regimental Stein 4th Bavarian Infantry Regiment 1912-14

Marzi & Remy - mold 992

From the collection of Walter Swett

The circular hole in the lion's head would indicate to me the stein once had a Stanhope, which unfortunately has been lost to history.

4. Inf. Regt. “König Wilhelm v, Württemberg“ 8. Komp. Metz 1912-14
4th (Bavarian) Infantry Regiment „King Wilhem from Wurttemberg” 8th Company Metz 1912-14

Translation of Center Scene top to bottom:
Es liebe hoch das Regiment das sich mit Stolz das 4. Nennt
Wer fern vom lieben Heimatland, in Metz an Frankreich Pfand
Wer Deutsches Land hat treu bewacht, hat als Soldat was mitgemacht.

I love the regiment that proudly calls itself the 4th
Those who are far from their dear homeland, in Metz at France's pledge
Anyone who has faithfully guarded Germany has done something as a soldier.

Zeppelin I Manövrierend
Zeppelin I maneuvering

Garnison Metz Prinz Friedrich Carl Kaserne
Garrison Metz Prince Frederick Carl Barracks

In Treue fest
Firm in Faithfulness

Kaiser Wilhelm II. König v. Preußen
Emperor Wilhelm II King of Prussia
Wilhelm II. v. Württemberg
Wilhelm II of Wurttemberg
König Ludwig III.
King Ludwig III (Bavaria)

Erinnerung an meine Dienstzeit
In remembrance of my service time

Unteroffizier Grossarth
Corporal Grossarth

Translation Right scene from top to bottom:
Die Trompete ruft zum Scheiden
D’rum mein Mädchen lebe wohl!

The trumpet calls for parting
So farewell my girl!


Wer nie vor Frankreichs Grenz im Biwak lag
Soll sich auch nicht rühmen daß er einstmals war soldat

One who has never bivouacked on France’s borders
Should not boast that he was once a soldier

Bivack am Denkmal d.3.G. Rgt. z.F. bei St. Privat.
Bivouac at the memorial of the 3rd Grenadier Regiment on foot at St. Privat (Currently France, formerly Alsace-Lorraine from 1871-1918)

Translation of Left scene from middle down:
Wir standen am Moselstrand
Zum Schutz für König u. Vaterland

We stood on the Moselle beach
To protect the king and fatherland

Felddienststueb. B. 8. Komp. 4. Inf. Regt. B. Gravelotte.
Field service office B. 8th Company 4th Inf. Regt. B. Gravelotte

(Gravelotte was a major battle that occurred on 18 August 1870. Chief of Staff Helmuth von Moltke lead 200,000 troops on a flanking maneuver and attacked the French from their rear. Although the Germans suffered significant casualties, the main French Army retreated to Metz, where the Germans cut them off from their country).

Decorated/sold by: The firm “Georg Schier Metz Königstrasse 2” as evidence by the marking on the top rim behind the hinge.

The manufacturer of this stein has been identified as Marzi & Remy. It can be found in the Beer Stein Library (BSL) in the Marzi & Remy Catalog, #992. This body has been used with various designs and central scenes. The handle is also listed in the BSL westerwald Beer Stein Handle Gallery as MR46.



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type stein materialearthenware
producer Marzi & Remy
producer info
This mold was used for various designs and central scenes
design date1912   

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