Jug for J. Rosen Kannenbier

Reinhold Merkelbach

From the collection of Reinhold Merkelbach

A Reinhold Merkelbach stoneware jug, produced for J. Rosen Bielefeld Kannenbier in the first part of the 20th Century. No mold number.

The print on the front reads: "Erster Bielefelder Kannenbier Versand, Johann Rosen, Bielefeld. Fernspr. 1664".
Translated it means: "First Bielefeld jug-beer shipping company, Johann Rosen, Bielefeld. Telephone: 1664."

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type jug materialstoneware
producer Reinhold Merkelbach
producer info
design dateearly 20th C.   
height 23.0 cm (appx. 9 inches.)   

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