Nurnburg Frauenturm Tower / M&R

Marzi & Remy - mold 5216

From the collection of Mike Finn

Marzi & Remy made steins 1879-1994. This Nurnberg Tower is about 9-1/4" to the top of the flag. Under the handle it has Gruss aus Nurnberg (Greetings from Nuremberg) There is a 1/2L capacity mark and on the base is F&M/N the mark of Felsenstein & Mainser, a Nuremberg finishing shop and distributor. Also mold #5216 and "Gesetzl Geschutzt" (Protected by Law) but no Germany or M&R logo.
The building that served as the model for this stein is the landmark Frauenturm, a defensive tower constructed in the 16th century at the Nuremberg (Nürnburg) main gate. There are four similar gate towers in the old city. But all souvenir steins seem to be modelled after the Frauenturm. It's the only one with a round window at the top and four arched windows under it. M&R made 3 other 0,5L towers like this one but with different figures and sayings or for special occasions. #1190, #5053, #5208. The thumb lift is the Goose man of Nürnburg. M&R made the steins and F&M/N made and installed the lids. Because it has a five ring open hinge it may have been made 1890-1939 when WW2 started.

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type character stein materialstoneware
producer Marzi & Remy
producer info
design date890-1939   
height 23.5 cm (appx. 9.2 inches.)   

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