A. Wahnschaffene Nurnberg by M&W

Merkelbach & Wick - mold 1895

From the collection of Mike Finn

Merkelback & Wick made steins 1872-1921, this is about 7-1/2" tall. It doesn't have a mold number or makers mark, but it has a M&W 1/2L capacity mark and a M&W handle. It was made for August Wahnschaffene a high end toy merchant in Nurnberg. There is A. Wahnschaffene vertically under the handle. There is a Wahnschaffene catalog dated 1895. The four men on the stein are Veit Stoss, Pet Vischer, Albr Dvrer and Adam Kraft. They could have been giveaways if someone bought a very expensive toy. Christmas advertising and 1895 Toy catalog.

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type stein materialstoneware
producer Merkelbach & Wick
producer info
design date   
height 19.1 cm (appx. 7.4 inches.)   

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