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From the collection of Walter Swett

Showing logos from 9 Munich breweries: Augusteinerbraeu, Hackerbraeu, Pschorrbraeu, Wagnerbraeu, Franziskanner Leistbraeu, Loewenbraeu, Spatenbraeu, Paulanerbraeu, and Thomasbraeu.

The capacity mark was manually added.

It is believed this dates prior to 1922 as that is when Franziskanner Leistbreu merged with Spatenbraeu

In 1928, Thomasbraeu merged with Paulaner and the new company was renammed Paulaner-Salvator-Thomasbraeu AG.

Wagnerbraeu ceased to exist in 1944.

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type stein materialstoneware
producer mold-
capacity1 liter   
design dateca 1920   

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