Oktoberfest Jahreskrug 2005 Brewery

Rastal Werk

From the collection of Walter Swett

Produced by Rastal as mugs and stein, both of which are in my collection.

Designed by Jochen Steglich (Munich, Germany)

The lid relief depicts Auguste Strobl (1807-1871) and is the second in a series taken from the Schönheitengalerie (Gallery of Beauties), thirty-six portraits of beautiful women gathered by Bavarian King Ludwig I in the southern pavilion of Nymphenburg Palace in Munich, where they remain on display today. Although it is known that Ludwig wrote several poems to Auguste, it is unclear how she initially came to his attention. Original portrait by court painter Joseph Karl Stieler. (BSL)

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type stein materialstoneware
producer Rastal Werk
producer info
capacity1 liter   
design date2005   

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