Cut glass stein, circa 1880

From the collection of Paul Van Eck

A beautiful cut glass stein, made circa 1880.

The finial on the metal lid is exceptional.

The lid is not inscribed, but the name of the original owner is etched into the body of the glass: Gottfried Schlesing.
The total height of the stein, including the finial, is 23 centimeter.

Together with this stein I acquired a second glass stein, with the same name (Gottfried Schlesing) inscribed into the lid and dated 1876. See [link]

It is very rare to find two diferent steins owned by/dedicated to the same person.

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type stein materialglass
producer mold-
design date1870~1890   
height 13.0 cm (appx. 5.1 inches.)   

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