Cut glass stein, dated 1876

From the collection of Paul Van Eck

Possible owner of this stein, deceased in 1893.

A beautiful cut glass stein, dated 1876 on the lid.

The thumbrest is a goat (ram), standing against a beer barrel.

The inscription on the metal lid reads: "Zu seinem 25 Jährigen Jubileum unserem Freunde & Präsident G.W. Schlesing 17. October 1876", which translates as "To his 25 year anniversary our friend and president G.W. Schlesing, October 17, 1876"

A online search for G.W. Schlesing resulted in a mentioning of a man with that name who lived in Rotterdam (but was born in 1829 in Wesel, Germany). This man was president of the "Nederlandsche Stoomboot-reederij" (a Dutch steam boat company), and he died in 1893. So this might be the man that this stein was presented to.

Together with this stein I acquired a second glass stein, with the same name (Gottfried Schlesing) etched into the cut glass body. See [link]
It is very rare to find two diferent steins owned by/dedicated to the same person.

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type stein materialglass
producer mold-
design date1876   
height 16.0 cm (appx. 6.2 inches.)   

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