Dumler & Breiden Stein

Dümler & Breiden

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I'm sure that this is a Dumlen when compared to [link] and [link] . Clear design flow, same pressed metal lids, same thumlift on two. The base markings are a little puzzling however. The small base has 218 with 20 below this. Both are in a much larger than normal font and are glazed over. You sometimes see these large font numbers on the bases of steins made in the fifties but the pressed metal lid would seem to date to the WWI era to the early twenties. Mold numnbers 218 and 20 are assigned to other D&B steins and D&B never used a five digit mold number. So it's a bit of a mystery.

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soort bierpul materiaalSteengoed
producent Dümler & Breiden
producent info
inhoud3 liters   
hoogte 23.0 cm (appx. 9 inches.)   

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