Bayrische Gewerbe Schau 1912 Franz Ringer

Uit de verzameling van Walter Swett

This stein and Ringer's 1910 Oktoberfest stein are very similar in appearance and the lid from Ringer's 1912 Oktoberfest stein and this one are the same.

Central scene is the Munich Child. The Coat of Arms above is from the Kingdom of Bavaria 1835-1918. The first quadrant is the golden lion of the Palatinate. Second Quadrant is the Franconian rake. Third Quadrant is the coat of arms of Burgau representing Swabia-a red and white striped field with a gold pale and the fourth quadrant is the Lion of Veldenz, a blue lion with a golden crown on a white background, representing the House of Wittelsbach. The inescutcheon represents Bavaria.

The coat of arms of the Bavarian Regions on the lid starting at the 12 o'clock position are:
1. Munich-Capital of Bavaria
2. Ansbach-Capital of Mittlefranken
3. Augsburg-Capital of Schwaben
4. Bayreuth-Capital of Oberfranken
5. Regensburg-Capital of Oberpfalz
6. W├╝rzburg-Capital of Unterfranken
7. Landshut-Capital Niederbayern
8. Speyer-Capital of Rheinpfalz
9. Bavaria - Coat of Arms of Kingdom of Bavaria 1835-1918

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soort bierpul materiaalSteengoed
producent model-
ontwerper/decorateurFranz Ringer
inhoud1/2 liter   

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