These are some of the inlaid lids used on Freising/HR steins. With only three exceptions, all will be found on ivory stoneware pieces marked with the "type 3" HR logo. The three exceptions are the blue and grey stoneware lids seen in Examples 12,13 and 14. Lid number 12 is from an early Freising steinzeug piece, model number 111. Lid number 13 is found on at least three different HR model numbers, 150, 199 & 241, all made for HR by Gerz and marked with the "type 4" HR logo and example 14 is from an LB&C marked, Schlaraffenland stein manufactured by Hauber & Reuther. Example 1 is design specific to model 510, example 2 is design specific to model 611. It could be argued that the others are also specific to various models, but I feel the rest of the lids are generic and non-specific. At least they were used in a generic and non-specific manner. Examples 1 through 6 are found in a number of color combinations to compliment the steins they are installed on.

Hauber & Reuther didn't manufacture the inlays for the ivory stoneware pieces, they purchased them from others. I first believed that Merkelbach & Wick, who made the ivory stoneware steins for Hauber & Reuther also made all of the inlays. However, it now appears that Hauber & Reuther purchased lid inlays from at least one other factory, Marzi-Remy. Examples 7 through 10 are all normally found on Marzi-Remy steins. The lids are original and the inlays are not replacements.

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