I have listed these photos by model number to show that there was a single numbering system used by the Freising factory throughout its 34 year existence. We might expect to find all of the lower numbers on the earlier Freising pieces and the higher numbers on the later "HR" marked steins. This is not the case. Of course, all Freising model numbers became HR model numbers in 1882, so perhaps this is a moot point.

What we find is, that where there were gaps in the earlier Freising model numbering sequence, those gaps were filled with later HR model numbers. I have listed some of the early, narrow bodied character steins with both their Freising, and HR numbers. These pieces were manufactured during the early years of the factory's existence and then overpainted at a later date by Hauber & Reuther, given an HR mark, and a new decor/model number. Care was taken to make sure these new decor/model numbers fit into the existing numbering system. It is therefore impossible to determine the sequence of manufacture from the model (mold) numbers. For example, model number 1, a porcelain stein, was first manufactured at least ten years after the factory opened, and model number 97, a blue, and grey stoneware character stein was probably produced in the first nine months of operation. This is the situation throughout the entire 1-399 sequence of model numbers. While they are an extension of the Freising numbering system, model numbers 400 and above, with one exception, are not effected as they are outside and beyond the original numbering system. That one exception is model number 416 which is found in both etched and hand painted versions.

Additional problems are found in multiple styles with the same model number, single styles with multiple model numbers, discontinued steinzeug styles replaced with porcelain steins of differing style, but the same model number and hand painted ivory stoneware with decor numbers matching discontinued steinzeug model numbers.

On the plus side, after steinzeug production had ended, many steinzeug steins were simply replaced by porcelain, and/or ivory stoneware steins of the same style and model number, which gives us a situation that was probably unique to the Freising/Hauber & Reuther factory. Take any model number such as 242, and it can probably be found in the following varieties: Freising, 1876-1882, no HR logo; HR, 1882-1886, type 1a HR logo; HR by MWG 1886, type 3 HR logo; HR by Gerz 1886, type 4 HR logo; HR by Gerz 1886, no logo except for an HR RZ lid; all the preceding in B&G steinzeug. The same model number is also found in porcelain with two different logos, the type 1a, 1886 and type 1c/2, 1886-1905 and finally in ivory stoneware with the type 3 logo, 1887-1897. That's a total of eight possible varieties for a single style and model number. So if you see a couple of steins together that seem to be the same, perhaps they are. As I stated in the Forward, I began this project to prove that the Freising factory had produced steins before it became Hauber & Reuther so wherever I can show this I do.


HR Model 1 (P)

HR Model 2/NDN (P)

HR Model 2/16 (P)

HR Model 2/19 (P)

HR Model 2/41 v.1 (P)

HR Model 2/41 v.2 (P)

HR Model 2/42 (P)

HR Model 2/45 (P)

HR Model 2/47 (P)

HR Model 2/48 (P)

HR Model 2/57 (P)

HR Model 2/65 (P)

HR Model 2/80 (P)

HR Model 2/88 (P)

HR Model 2/103 (P)

HR Model 2/125 (P)

HR Model 3 (BG)

HR Model 3 (P)

FR Model 4 (BG)

HR Model 5 (P)

HR Model 6 (P)

HR Model 7 (P)

HR Model 8 (P)

HR Model 9 (P)

HR Model 10 (P)

HR Model 12 (P)

HR Model 13 (P)

HR Model 14 (BG-fc)

HR Model 14 (P)

HR Model 15 (BG-fc)

HR Model 15 (P)

HR Model 16 (P)

HR Model 17 (P)

HR Model 18 (P)

HR Model 18/19 (P)

HR Model NMN/20 (ST)

HR Model 18/25 (P)

HR Model 18/48 (P)

HR Model 18/56 (P)

HR Model 18/65 (P)

HR Model 18/133 (P)

HR Model 19/NDN (P)

HR Model 19/88 (P)

HR Model 19/130 (P)

HR Model 20 (P)

HR Model 20 (P)

HR Model 20 (P)

HR Model 21 (P)

HR Model 22 (P)

HR Model 23 (P)

HR Model 29 (BG-fc)

HR Model 32 (BG-fc)

HR Model 33 (BG-fc)

HR Model 35 (BG-fc)

HR Model 44 (BG-fc)

HR Model 46 (ST)