My thanks to the following people, whom, in some way, contributed materially to this project.

Tony Biagi
Bill Bosworth
Sharon Bruha
Marty Cameli
Bruce Chaffee
Mark Fiebrandt
Louis Foster
David Harr, who's help went beyond the norm.
Ken Lothian
Frank Loevi
Gene and Pat Manusov
Bruce Martin
Les Paul, and his world famous collection.
Rod Rakowicz
George Schamberger
Michael Slutskin
Barry Toussaint
Walt Vogdes
Les & Charlotte Whitham
Albert and Diane Wurst

And of course Mike Wald, who laid the groundwork for all future HR research over twenty years ago, and who inspired me to take on this project as only he could.


Photos by: Sharon Bruha, Marty Cameli, Mark Fiebrandt, Louis Foster, David Harr, Gene Manusov, Walt Vogdes, The Author, The SCI Library archives, and other miscellaneous sources.


A very special thanks to five of those listed above: To Louis Foster for sharing photos of his HR collection, especially his hand painted pieces; To Marty Cameli and Barry Toussaint both of whom shared photos of their great collections and each of these collections include pieces found nowhere else; To Les Paul for opening his home and his world famous character stein collection to me and my camera. Les' collection also contains some unique pieces found only in his cabinets, and finally to David Harr. Without David's help this project would have withered on the vine, and probably never have seen the light of day. David and I were brought together at the Boston SCI Convention as both of us are convinced that capacity marks are a key to factory identification. David had worked with, and done research for Mike Wald, and was able to provide a special insight to the HR question. David also contributed numerous photos, loaned me an occasional stein to examine, and provided a number of publications having specifically to do with the Freising factory, making positive identification of certain Freising products possible, and finally he played devil's advocate by making me re-examine a number of my conclusions. Thank you David, I could not have done this without your help.


This work is dedicated to all HR collectors; past, present and future.



John McGregor was a stein collector for nearly thirty years. He was active in both Stein Collectors International, and his local chapter, Pacific Stein Sammler. He served his local chapter as Vice-President and Chapter Representative to the SCI Board from 1991 to 1993, as President from 1994 to 1996, and as Editor of die Kunde the PSS quarterly news letter from 1995 to 1998.

John has had many articles published in PROSIT, the quarterly magazine of Stein Collectors International. He received the "Jack Lowenstein Editors Award" in 1993 and was honored with the title of "Master Steinologist" in 1995. John has also served as the Stein Collectors International Museum Director and Research Librarian from 1997 to 2002.

John's collecting tastes were eclectic, which is another way of saying that he specialized in nothing, and everything, at the same time.

Sadly, John passed away in 2015.