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Münchener Kindl character stein

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Nice little Münchener Kindl character stein in stoneware. Marked GESETZLICH GESCHUTZT, but no mold nr or other markings.
Height including lid is 14.7cm.

A fellow collector sent me an email through this site informing me that he identifies this stein as a Marzy & remy model. This matches with the "GESETZLICH GESCHUTZT" marking, which was often used by (but not only by) Marzi & Remy.

Another collector referred me to a stein that is listed in The Beer Stein Book by Gary Kirsner (page 314). It is listed there as having been produced by Merkelbach & Wick. That stein looks very similar indeed, although it is a larger size and the Münich child's head is slightly different. Furthermore, Merkelbach & Wick are not known for using the 'GESETZLICH GESCHUTZT' marking.

So at this moment I am not convinced on either one of the possible producers.

Form stein (character) Materialstoneware
Herstellerunknown Modell-
H�he 9.8 cm (appx. 3.8 inches.)   

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