Hipp Hipp Hurrah!

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Hauber & Reuther nautical stein, side view

Hauber & Reuther nautical stein, front view

Hauber & Reuther nautical stein, other side view

Hauber & Reuther nautical stein, handle

Hauber & Reuther nautical stein, pewter lid

Hauber & Reuther nautical stein, old repair

Hauber & Reuther nautical stein, old repair

"Hipp Hipp Hurrah!" is the phrase on this interesting stein.
The phrase is an old nautical saying, and this stein has a nautical theme all over it.

On the one side it has decoration of Poseidon's or Neptune's trident (fork) and some fish. On the other side there is an anchor and a couple of oars. But most interesting of all is of course the handle. It is shaped as the figurehead of a ship, and what a pretty lady she is..

This stein is marked on the base with the HR mark for producer Hauber & Reuther. There is no visible mold number. The capacity mark (1/2 L) is situated on the back of the stein, right above the upper handle attachment.
I have seen this model stein discussed as having been produced by Thewalt. Maybe an interesting item to examine further someday.

Now this stein was once broken. And a long time ago someone went through the trouble to have it restored. The oldschool method of restoring broken ceramics is clearly visible on both the outside and inside of the stein. Academically very interesting to see if you ask me.

type stein materialstoneware
producer Hauber & Reuther
producer info
design date1880 ~1900   
height 13.0 cm (appx. 5.1 inches.)   

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