Unknown Roemer

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front view

right side view

rear view

left side view

A threaded relief roemer, maker unknown. Suspect early Diesinger, possibly Dumler and Breiden..

type * unknown * materialstoneware
producerunknown mold-
designer/decoratorunknown decor none
design date1800's   
height 17.0 cm (appx. 6.6 inches.)   

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comment added by Paul van Eck on 2015-11-21 (10:16 hrs)

I do not see a resemblance with any Dümler & Breiden items, only with Diesinger (by the technique of the decorations). What makes you doubt?

Prosit! Paul
comment added by Randy Satterfield on 2015-11-22 (03:49 hrs)

I agree that it looks Diesinger but I've seen (and have) Dumler & Breiden threaded reliefs that look very much like Diesinger. For that matter also a couple of Hanke's.
comment added by Paul van Eck on 2015-11-22 (08:51 hrs)
Hi Randy,

Ok. Let's hope someone will recognise it and attribute it correctly. Prosit! Paul

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