Dresden Zwinger

Sitzendorfer Porzellanmanufaktur

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front view: Dresden Zwinger

side view

side view

Base markings Sitzendorfer Porzellanmanufaktur

The Zwinger in the German city of Dresden is one of the most wellknown buidlings in Germany. Built in rococo style, it served as an orangery and festival area for the Dresden Court. It was built in the firts quarter of the 18th century, between 1710 and 1728. Nowadays it is a major tourist attraction and museum. Read this wikipedia-article to learn more about the Dresden Zwinger: [link]

This porcelain stein features Der Zwinger on it's front panel. The stein measures about 22cm tall, and has a capacity of circa 1 liter. However, it will not have been produced for actual use as a drinking vessel. More likely it was made for the tourist industry.
The decoration on the body reflects the style of the building itself. Typical rococo-style features like the shell are used to decorate this stein.

The marking on the base is of the Sitzendorfer Porzellanmanufaktur, and it will have been produced sometime between 1904 and 1954.

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type stein materialporcelain
producer Sitzendorfer Porzellanmanufaktur
producer info
design date1902-1954   
height 22.0 cm (appx. 8.6 inches.)   

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