Regensburg stein: Bierhalle

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An early stein (circa 1850-1900). This model has a relief decoration of what looks to be a butcher. There is a man holding a knife, and he is standing front of a table with what looks to be meat on it.
This could well be a very early occupational stein for a butcher.

The stein is marked '1/2L' on the front of the rim. This location of the capacity mark is also indicative of an early stein.

Several molds were used to produce this stein: the body of the stein was molded in 3 seperate parts, where the decoration was already cut into the mold (in a negative of course). There are 3 seams visible where the 3 seperate parts of the body were moulded together. This old technique of creating a stein went out of use around about 1870-1880, when most factories started massproducing their products in other ways.

type stein materialstoneware
producerunknown mold-
design date1850-1900   
height 12.5 cm (appx. 4.9 inches.)   

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