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This historismus style decorated lidded jar may well have been used to store tobacco. Or it may have been designed as a sugar-dish, I am not yet sure.
The decoration of the stoneware body is in the typical style of the 1870-1900 era, and it could well have been produced by Hauber & Reuther, although there is no maker's mark on it. The only reference to this producer is an inscribed letter L which is most likely the initial for the potter or as a batch indicator. This specific letter L is known to have been used by Hauber & Reuther in the 1878 to 1882 era (according to a study done by John McGregor). Not a 100% final attribution, but it's as far as I can find out so far.

The hinge and the top rim of this lidded jar are made of brass, while the lid itself is made of iron.
The base diameter is 12.5cm (4.9inch) and the height, excluding the lid, is 5.5cm (2.1inch).

type dish materialstoneware
producer Hauber & Reuther
producer info
design date1878-1882   
height 5.5 cm (appx. 2.1 inches.)   

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