blue glass and prunts

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This is a very nice historismus style glass, produced around 1890-1900.
It is made in thick (at the rim it is about 7mm thick!) glass in a blue-greenish color. The lid is not pewter but rather brass, with an inset of another color metal.
The elaborate and detailed decorations on the lid all refer to the "Paragraph 11" law
Particularly decorative are the so-called prunts on the lower part of the body. These prunts are a reference to 16th and 16th century drinkware on which such prunts were often found. On this stein they are used purely as a decorative touch.
The handpainted decoration on the front of this stein seems to represent a bushel of wheat. There are also some remains of gilded lettering, but most of that gilding has gone over the years.

type stein materialglass
producerunknown mold-
design date1890-1900   
height 15.7 cm (appx. 6.1 inches.)   

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