Schnick und Schnack

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side view

front view

side view

signed: Toni Aron

detail of the front decoration

base markings

postcard designed by Toni Aron

another postcard by Toni Aron

yet another postcard

postcard dated 1894

Die Schöne Coletta

about the artist Toni Aron

The beautiful decoration on this stein, 2 dogs called Schnick and Schnack, is handpainted and signed by the wellknown artist Toni Aron. Toni Aron was born in Slovakia in 1859 and lived and worked most of his life in Germany, in the cities Dresden, Leipzig and Munich.
He is famous for one painting in particular: "Schöne Coletta, Bierkellnerin in bürgerlichem Bräuhaus München". This painting is in the collection of the City Museum of Munich. Another one of his works, a mural, is still to be found in a Brauhaus in Tegernsee , about 20 Miles south of Munich.
Schnick and Schnack are obviously the 2 dogs that are depicted on the painted scene of the stein. The stein was made for the occasion of the Münchener Hunde Ausstellung in 1895.

type stein materialstoneware
producer Merkelbach & Wick
producer info
designer/decoratorToni Aron
design date1895   
height 17.5 cm (appx. 6.8 inches.)   

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