Blown glass, nicely decorated stein

From the collection of Mike Finn

Unknown maker and decorator probably made around 1880 because of the shape of the handle. Probably sold out of a glass works as an undecorated blank, because there are too many added decorations that took time and effort that a glass house would not have done. It's art nouveau (jugendstil) style as the enameled work (flowers) and the pewter thumblift (tri-colored) are all part of that style and time period.
The acid was applied first and cutting followed. The acid was probably by hand (brush painted) and color painted as part of the final decoration. Acid treatments ran a varied degree of smoothness it was not a definite method of work, and the results could be different. (Acid was applied and reacted to glass that was not covered by wax. The etched and painted flowers were probably copper wheel engraved and enameled. The small green glass balls in the lower circles I thought may be prunts, but Jim Sauer Master Steinologist thought they are too small and probably just decorations. I don't know much about glass and Jim told me all this info. There is a pewterer touch mark under the lid but I can only make out the last two letters "ab". No capacity mark, but it is 1/2L and about 6-1/2" tall.
Am jungsten Tag wird geschaut was mancher hier fur Bier gebraut.
On judgment day it will be revealed why beer was brewed for many (of us) here.

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type stein materialglass
producer mold-
design date1880   
height 16.5 cm (appx. 6.4 inches.)   

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