Munich Child Souvenir

Eckhardt & Engler - mold 551

From the collection of Mike Finn

Eckhardt & Engler made steins 1918-1971, this #551 "Munich Child Souvenir" is about 11" tall. This is from an original Rosskopf & Gerz mold, they went bankrupt 1917. The original Munich Child had a pewter ring between the head and body, as this one does. It has impressed Made in Germany, 551 and the E&E logo on the base. A lot of later E&E Munich Childs didn't have the pewter ring. This was made in Germany not Western Germany. 1918-1939 when WW2 started.

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type character stein materialstoneware
producer Eckhardt & Engler
producer info
design date1918-1939   
height 28.0 cm (appx. 10.9 inches.)   

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