George Washington & Paul Revere

Whites of Utica

From the collection of Mike Finn

Whites of Utica New York USA made steins 1885-1907, this" George Washington & Paul Revere" stein is about 7-1/2" tall. They never had capacity marks or mold numbers. But usually had a number on the bottom that had something to do with the size of the stein, this one has #38. Unfortunately they changed their numbering system a couple of times. Whites had two seems, one under the handle and the other in the front. German steins have the main design on the front, where English style steins have the main design on the side with the handle showing.

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type stein materialstoneware
producer Whites of Utica
producer info
design date1885-1907   
height 19.0 cm (appx. 7.4 inches.)   

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