Regensburg stein with saying

Borho, Zinkl, Thenn - mold 183

From the collection of Mike Finn

The Regensburg factory was only in business for 16 years, these were the owners.
BORHO, ZINKL AND CO. 1874-1875
ZINKL, THENN AND CO. 1875-1877
FRITZ THENN CO. 1877-1886
This stein doesn't have a makers mark or capacity mark like most steins, supposedly at the Regensburg factory at one time steins had a letter under the mold number, this one is #183 with a B below it, for 4/10L. If you search for Fritz Thenn on line you can find John McGregor's Regensburg site. This stein is about 7-1/4" to the top of the lid. This was probably and early stein because it has a closed pewter hinge. Some of this style of steins were hand painted by the August Saeltzer finishing factory.
Der durst gar grols der Liter klein ich mein es follt grad um kehrt lein.
The thirst is big, the Liter is small, I think it's just about to turn around.

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type stein materialstoneware
producer Borho, Zinkl, Thenn
producer info
mold183 B
design date1874-1886   
height 18.0 cm (appx. 7 inches.)   

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