Regensburg stein with saying

Borho, Zinkl, Thenn - mold 183

From the collection of Mike Finn

The Regensburg factory was only in business for 16 years, these were the owners.
BORHO, ZINKL AND CO. 1874-1875
ZINKL, THENN AND CO. 1875-1877
FRITZ THENN CO. 1877-1886
This stein doesn't have a makers mark or capacity mark like most steins, supposedly at the Regensburg factory at one time steins had a letter under the mold number, this one is #183 with a B below it, for 4/10L. If you search for Fritz Thenn on line you can find John McGregor's Regensburg site. This stein is about 7-1/4" to the top of the lid. This was probably and early stein because it has a closed pewter hinge. Some of this style of steins were hand painted by the August Saeltzer finishing factory. The two bottom pic's are more #183. on the left was finished by Saeltzer, on the right it has a 1/2L capacity mark on the front.

Der durst gar grols der Liter klein ich mein es follt grad um kehrt lein.
The thirst is big, the Liter is small, I think it's just about to turn around.

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type stein materialstoneware
producer Borho, Zinkl, Thenn
producer info
mold183 B
design date1874-1886   
height 18.0 cm (appx. 7 inches.)   

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