19th century Dutch 1/2 NedKan

From the collection of Paul Van Eck

This German made drinking vessel is a type of stein that is only found in The Netherlands and possibly Belgium. This type was made during the 18th and 19th centuries.
Marked "1/2 NEDKAN", which was a Dutch measure of circa 1/2 liter. This example is complete with its pewter lid and a pewter calibration or fill mark.

The inside of the lid is stamped with the pewterer's touchmark, which consist of a crown and a rose and the pewterer's initials AVE. I have been informed that this mark was used by pewterer Antonius Joannes van Engelen, born in 's Hertogenbosch on 18 february 1834, who is known to have worked in Brussels (Maagdenstraat 6) between 1863 and 1886. He died in Ginneken on 25 february 1898.
A PDF document on Antonius Joannes van Engelen can be found here: [link] . According to this document, the pewterer's mark was used between cira 1863 and circa 1875.

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type stein materialstoneware
producer mold-
capacity1/2 NEDKAN (ca 1/2 liter)   
design date1840~1875   
height 14.5 cm (appx. 5.7 inches.)   

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