Pewter Stein - Haverford

From the collection of Randy Satterfield

This stein was damaged in shipping but is interesting nonetheless. It is engraved on both sides. On the left side is says "YE REFECTORY - HARD-ByE YE STATION - OF HAVERFORD". On the right side it says "YE FEB - YE DAY XXV - NDCCCXCUX". The meaning of the left side is open to interpretation. I believe is was from or/and to students. They possibly worked in the refectory (dining hall) at Haverford College. The right side is clearly the date and is February 25th, 1899.
Haverford College was founded in 1833 in Haverford, CT as a mens college for Quakers. They began accepting non-Quakers in 1849 and women in 1980.

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type stein materialpewter
producer mold-
capacity~1.5 liters   
design date   
height 29.0 cm (appx. 11.3 inches.)   

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