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Hauber & Reuther - mold 162

From the collection of Mike Finn

This stoneware stein was made by Hauber & Reuther in the Freising factory 1882-1886. It has the HR logo and a 4 or 5mm mold number (162) on the base, quality control and designer's mark. But it is missing the "geseztlich geschutst" mark. It has the proper 1/2L capacity mark with the serif on the top of capital L. It's about 5-3/4" tall.
“Des Abends sing beim Becher frei, daß süßer Traum bescheert dir sei”
(At night sing freely while drinking from your beaker, may sweet dreams be yours.)

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type stein materialstoneware
producer Hauber & Reuther
producer info
design date   
height 15.0 cm (appx. 5.9 inches.)   

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