Marzi & Remy Man on Flying Hofbräuhaus Keg Brewery Stein

Marzi & Remy - mold 1768

From the collection of Walter Swett

Right side translates to Cheerfulness and Merriment

Left side translates to welcome all the time

Jester thumblift

Inlaid Munich Child lid

Bottom marks mold 1768

Rear showing 5 pin, open hinge, mold number 1768, and 1/2 liter capacity mark

1/2 liter pottery Marzi & Remy, mold 1768, stein depicts a man on a flying Hofbräuhaus beer keg holding a HB stein, pretzel, and radishes while a second man grabs his coat tails. The saying translates to Cheerfulness and merriment, welcome all the time. It has an inlaid lid depicting the Munich Child. The thumblift appears to be a the head of a court jester

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type Munich Child stein materialstoneware
producer Marzi & Remy
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