Marzi & Remy 6042

Marzi & Remy - mold 6042

From the collection of Randy Satterfield

This is one of several similar steins from Marzi and Remy. All can be either Florida or New Orleans seouviners, depending on how they're decorated. They can have a ceramic insert lid depicting an orange or a conical pewter lid. Current known mold numbers are 6042, 6052, 6049, 6007, and 1409. This one with the state seal of Lousiana and a "Souvenir of New Orleans" on one side is a New Orleans souvenir. Those two decorations change to make it a Florida souvenir.

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type stein materialearthenware
producer Marzi & Remy
producer info
design date   
height 24.0 cm (appx. 9.4 inches.)   

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