Ashtray from NYC's Famed Stork Club

From the collection of Chuck Huseman

Here's an original 1940's - 50's cigar ashtray from New York City's famed Stork Club.

My research online indicates that it might have been made by Louisville Stoneware, and it certainly has the look.

I also learned that many of these ashtrays were frequently stolen by guests at the very popular and exclusive club to have as their own "souvenir", so there are probably "quite a number" of them floating around.

Just think....Some celebrity, politician, business tycoon or athlete probably once used this exact one!

Anyone else own or have seen one of these?....I know there are a few different variations on this ashtray as well, although the black ashtrays are the more popular ones....I'm curious to hear your thoughts in the comments below....Thank you in advance.

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type other, see description materialstoneware
producer mold-
design dateca. 1940 - 1960   

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