Regimental Stein 2d Royal Bavarian Supply Det

From the collection of Walter Swett

Reservist Rudloff, the original owner, was assigned to the 3d Squadron, 2d Royal Bavarian Supply Train Detachment. There is a stanhope without an image in the thumblift and it originally had a screw off finial that exposed an image of King Ludwig II of Bavaria and a prism. In the Book Regimental Beer Steins 1890-1914, author Ron Heiligenstein identifies Supply Train Battalions as comprising only 5% of the combined Imperial German and Royal Bavarian Armies in 1914. He further reports that units consisting of between 1%-5% of the combined forces constitute a rare unit designation; Germersheim, the location where the unit was stationed is considered a common location; a stanhope without a picture is considered an uncommon feature; and a screw off finial is considered unusual. Unfortunately, the screw off finial is missing and the lid strap is loose, but the stein body is in excellent condition with only very minor wear on some of the text. The lithophane of a soldier bidding his sweetheart farewell is fully intact.

Below is the text and its translation:

Wer treu gedient hat seine Zeit dem sei ein voller Krug geweiht.
He who has faithfully served his time, deserves a good drink.

Reservist Rudloff

3 Eskadr. 2 Kgl. Bayer. Train Abtl. Germersheim. 1912-14.
3d Squadron 2d Royal Supply Train Detachment. Germersheim. 1912-14.

Central Scene:
An mein Bataillon will ich denken an die 3. Comp. Die Mütze will ich schwenken der Überstandenen müh
I want to think of my battalion, of the 3d company. I want to wave my cap at the end of the hardship.

Obzu Fuß obzu Pferd Oder hinter der Kanone Schützen wir der Heimat herd Und Fürsten seine Krone
Whether on foot, whether on horseback or behind the cannon we protect the home stove and the prince’s his crown

Image of King Ludwig III

Erinnerung an meine Dienstzeit
In remembrance of of my service time

Right Scene:

Den Bataillon den letzten Gruß Treu kehr ich wieder wenn ich muss
The battalion’s last greeting Faithful I return when I must

Left Scene:
Des Reservisten letzte Einquartierung
The last Reservist quarters

Ich hab gedient zu Pferd und Fuß hab auch gegeben manchen aufs
I have served on horseback and on foot and have given somethings up

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type stein materialporcelain
producer mold-
capacity1/2 liter   
design date1914   

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