Cold War 9th Medical Center

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Cold War stein named to Chaplin Robert B. Herndon. Research shows Herndon was born 19 Dec 1912, Social Circle, GA and died 21 Nov 1996. He was the first Chaplin assigned to a Glider Infantry Regiment (GIR) and was involved in Operation Overlord, the D-Day Invasion of France. He served in both the 88th GIR and the 325th GIR before later being assigned to the 9th Medical Center.

The 9th Hospital Center was activated on 20 Oct 1960, and it was a "vertical medical service serving personnel located with the posts of the US Army Area of Command for Germany" and responsible for "medical outpatient and inpatient care." It served as the Medical Command Headquarters for "11 hospitals..., 59 dispensaries, 7 hospital annexes, 82 dental clinics, 2 regional dental activities, 9 veterinary food inspection detachments and 1 veterinary animal hospital." (Source: [link] Retrieved 01.11.2022)

The top image on the front of the stein is of the bridge over the Neckar River with the Heidelberg Castle in the background. The second image is the regimental coat of arms of the Army Medical Department (AMEDD) which dates back to about 1863.

"The 20 white stars on a blue background and the red and white stripes represent the U.S. flag of 1818. The green staff entwined with a green serpent combined two symbols: the Rod of Aesculapius from classical mythology, symbolic of medicine and healing; and the color green associated with US Army regular physicians during the last half of the19th century. The colors Argent (silver/white) and Gules (red) are those associated with the flag of the United States." (Source: Army Medical Department regimental coat of arms - Wikipedia, retrieved 01.11.2022)

The black eagle on yellow shield on the right side appears to be representative of the German Coat of Arms. The yellow lion on a black shield is representative of the Heidelberg Coat of Arms.

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type stein materialporcelain
producer mold-
capacity1/2 liter   
design date1964   

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