Wedding stein

From the collection of Paul Van Eck

aus Hintze

A beautiful lidded wedding glass, dated 1837. It may have been made in Bohemia.

Phrase on the front (handpainted of course) reads (in old German):
"Als Freund wünsche ich immerdar, Glück dem neuen Ehepaar."
('As your friend I wish happiness to the newlyweds')

The inside of the lid has a pewterer's mark. With help from collectors on Facebook it was soon discovered that the pewterer was Carl Adolph Böhmer, son of pewterer Johann Carl Friedrich Böhmer in Pirna (Saxony). (See Hintze, 1921, Book 1).

A nice little detail is found inside the handle. 'Buried' into the glass is what seems to be a mosquito of some sort.. :-)
It is probably just a bit of dirt that got into the glass during the making of the glass, but it sure does make me think back to Jurassic Parc.. ;-)

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type stein materialglass
producer mold-
design date1837   
height 17.3 cm (appx. 6.7 inches.)   

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