Brewery Stein Kloster Kruezberg


From the collection of Walter Swett

Manufactured by: Ku F Höher (NFI)

Kloster Kreuzberg is a Franciscan Monastery, founded in 1692 on the 928 m Kruezberg, in Bischofsheim, Germany, a community that was already a pilgrimage point. The brewery was founded in 1731 by the Franciscan Monks. In the early days, the beer was given to the pilgrims for free, but most visitor would leave money next to their empty mugs. That custom stopped in 1920 after an increase in abuse and they began charging for the beer.

They brew four different beers, all of which are unfiltered, Dunkel, Pils, Helles Hefe Weizen, and a Weihnachten-Bock.

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type other, see description materialearthenware
producerother mold-
capacity1 liter   
design date1981   

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