Cold War 496th Fighter Interceptor Squadron


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Main scene show Sabre Dog riding on a Mighty Mouse Folding Fin Aerial Rocket

F-86D Sabre Dog

F-86D Finial

Y shaped hairline in lithopane

496th Fighter Interceptor Squadron; named to Ray Firstbrook; Moto Cave Canem or Beware of the Dog; Unit was awarded the Hughes Achievement Award in 1955; Unit activated on June 1, 1951 and deactivated the next day, Its personnel dispersed to other units. The unit was reactivated in 1953 and equipped with F-86F Sabres and performed US West Coast defensive operations. In 1954 the squadron was reassigned to the 86th Fighter Bomber Wing, Landstuhl AFB, Germany and F-86D Sabres. The F-86D was also known as the "Sabre Dog" or "Dog Sabre" and equipped with 70mm Might House Folding-Fin Aerial Rocket. Produced by Schmidt, Bogen Str. 103, Koblenz

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type stein materialporcelain
producerother mold-
capacity1/2 liter   
design date   

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