Grafenwoehr German American Mug ca. 1970 Cold War


From the collection of Walter Swett

1 liter beer mug produced by the firm Franz Stoeber (FS) circa 1970 for the annual German American Volksfest at Grafenwoehr Training Area in Germany. Represented on the main image is the historical water tower and the Forester's House, both built in 1910, and the historic City Hall of Grafenwoehr which was built in 1462. Amazingly, all three structures survived two significant US bombing raids on April 5th and 8th, 1945 which caused significant damage to the training area and surrounding community. The Forester's House is used as a private residence for the commander.

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type other, see description materialstoneware
producerother mold-
capacity1 liter   
design date   

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