Auf mei' Wohl

Merkelbach & Wick

From the collection of Paul Van Eck

It is polite to say "Auf dein Wohl", of course. But this gentleman seems a bit more selfcentered, saying "Auf mei' Wohl" ('to MY health'..).

A half liter pottery stein, made by the company Merkelbach & Wick, probably around 1890.
Transfer-printed decoration of a man holding a beer stein and the phrase "Auf mei' Wohl" underneath it. Some white details handpainted.

Nice dark patinated pewter lid. Lid strap marked NBM for pewterer Nathan Bauernfreund in Munich.

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type stein materialearthenware
producer Merkelbach & Wick
producer info
design date1880~1900   
height 11.7 cm (appx. 4.6 inches.)   

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