Ruby coloured marriage glass

From the collection of Paul Van Eck

A ruby glass stein with cut decorations on the foot and base.

The front shows a decoration with leaves and corn and the name Guillaume Denies. So this glass was once presented to a mr Denies Guillaume. The style of the decoration is very much in the tradition of a marriage-glass. I believe that this in fact is a marriage glass, with the groom's name on it. This means that there will have been a second glass, identical to this one, but with the name of the bride on it.

The top rim is rounded, not flat. I believe the glass was made in either France or Belgium, based on that rounded rim and based on the French language name on the front. This glass will not have had a lid.

Height: 13 centimeter

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type stein materialglass
producer mold-
design date1st half 20th century   
height 13.0 cm (appx. 5.1 inches.)   

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