"Igelkrug" with copper inlaid lid and ram thumbnail

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A spectacular glass beer stein, dated 1872.
This type of glass stein is referred to as a "Igelkrug", a "hedgehoc stein", because of the shape.
The stein has a pewter lid with a striking thumbnail shaped as a goat ("Bock"), his front paw resting on a beaker. He is looking down to see if there is any beer left..
The pewter lid has a very detailed copper inlay, featuring the king of beer, Gambrinus.

Around the rim of the lid there is an inscription and the year 1872, undoubtedly they year this stein was presented, probably as a gift.

The height of the glass is 9 centimeter. If you include the thumblift, the total height is 16 centimeter. The capacity is not marked, but is circa 1/2 liter.

Sadly the stein has suffered a bit in its lifetime. There is a crack in the glass, near the bottom handle attachment. Luckily the crack is not very easy to spot from a bit of distance because of the structure of the stein body. So it still makes a very nice addition to my stein collection!

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type stein materialglass
producer mold-
design datecirca 1870   
height 9.0 cm (appx. 3.5 inches.)   

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