Eberl Brau glass stein

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From the collection of Peter Roe

Glass Eberl Brau Stein

A .4lt Pressed glass stein from the Saxon Glass Factory in Radeberg with a SG crown stamp used from 1897.
The lid has a five ring open hinge by Thannhauser Bruder and is embossed with the logo of the Eberl Brau Munchen and the name Tsmail Hosny. Inside the lid is the Thannhauser Bruder stamp first used in 1910.
Eberl Brau was founded in 1593 and in 1920 became part of the Paulanerbrau Corp., in 2019 it was refounded by a Mr & Mrs J. Eberl (no relation to the original founders).

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type stein materialglass
producerother mold705
design date1910   
height 15.5 cm (appx. 6 inches.)   

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