Hopfen und Gerste

Wächtersbacher Steingutfabrik - mold 739

From the collection of Wächtersbacher Steingutfabrik

Picture courtesy of Mr. Volker Kirchner, Brachttal

A beer stein, produced by the Wächtersbacher Steingutfabrik.
Described in the factory catalog as Bierkrug, mit Hopfen und Gerste, klein.
The capacity is 0.45 liter. It is 12.5 centimeters tall.

A larger version of this stein, the master stein, is mold number 740.

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type stein materialearthenware
producer Wächtersbacher Steingutfabrik
producer info
design date1875~1885   
height 12.5 cm (appx. 4.9 inches.)   

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