Unknown stein

mold 177

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This unknown stein has been in storage for years. Looking for help to identify age and history. Is in perfect condition, no crack chips or dents. Is approximately 11.75 inches tall and 5 inches at the base. Wondering if anyone can tell me anything about this stein. Been in family for about 75 to 80 years, beyond that origin is unknown.

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type stein material
producer mold177 5
Stamped but not clear
design date   

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comment added by Teri Phelps on 2020-11-18 (03:53 hrs)
Looking to see if someone can help to identify age and origin of this stein
comment added by Paul van Eck on 2020-11-18 (08:15 hrs)
Hello Teri,
Your stein was probably brand new at the time it came into your family. I think it was made by the company Marzi & Remy. There may be more clues on the base, like a factory marking and/or a mold number.
Paul van Eck, webmaster.

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