Nürnberger Frauentorturm

Simon Peter Gerz

From the collection of Paul Van Eck

Capacity mark Frauwentorturm

"This stein represents one of the Nuremberg towers, namely the Frauentorturm, rebuilt to its present form in 1558, to guard the Frauentor (gate). This tower is unique due to its arched windows and round, top window.
In 1849 the city wall was opened up close by, and a new gate, the Königstor was built for traffic access to the railway station. Due to essential road widening, the Königstor was demolished in 1892. Because of its proximity to the Königstor, the Frauentorturm was, and still is, often wrongly referred to, as the Königstorturm. Today, the Frauentor has pedestrian access only.

This stein is usually attributed to Merkelbach & Wick for Theodor Wieseler. However earlier versions have also been seen with Freising / Hauber & Reuther capacity marks."

Update February 2021:
Fellow collector Mike Finney informed me that this example was most likely produced by Simon Peter Gerz for H&R in 1886. ("If the capacity mark is in decimals 0.5L it was made by Gerz for H&R in 1886. H&R and M&W used fractions on their tower steins. After H&R went out of business in 1907 it’s thought Gerz obtained ownership of the molds they had used and continued to use them for a while.")

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type character stein materialpottery
producer Simon Peter Gerz
producer info
design date1880~1900   
height 14.0 cm (appx. 5.5 inches.)   

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