Marzi & Remy 1597

Marzi & Remy - mold 1597

From the collection of Randy Satterfield

This is a series or set of four steins. It isn't a various bubjects steins as it was preplanned for thes four transfers on these steins. All the transfers are paintings by the same artist (unknown) and all featuring domestic scenes. The relief and text in the cartouches seem rater haphazard. Front top you have deer in a forest, front bottom you have a brewer's star, bottom sides you have two scenes of Old Germans drinking. It's like this was designed by committee.
Two days after posting the above I saw a 1597 with an entirely different front decoration. So that moves it from being a series to a various subjects. This after over a decade of searching for these and never seeing anything different thant the artwork on these four. Interestingly the decoration on this fifth one is a simple text "Gruss aus Sachsenhausen" (Welcome to Schenhausen). I can find nothing on Schenhausen, however Sachsenhausen was a German Nazi concentration camp in Oranienburg, Germany.

“Wo volle Becher und Rosenlippen,
da mußt du trinken u. nicht bloß nippen.”
(Where there are full beakers and rosy lips,
there you must drink and not just nip.) (TBSL)

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type stein materialstoneware
producer Marzi & Remy
producer info
design date   
height 27.0 cm (appx. 10.5 inches.)   

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