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Mold 1493E by Simon Peter Gerz

A stein, decorated with a historical scene.

We see a group of people dancing in celebratoion of a certain event. In the background is what seems to be the reason of that celebration. Some sort of religious event (I have not found out what it is yet).

The stein itself holds about 1/2 liter of beer. It has a ceramic inset lid. The ceramic inset is decorated in relief with a lion's head.

The stein is marked on the base with the Gerz triangular logo, the model number 1493, the letter E and the word 'déposé'. The letter E indicates there are other versions of this design. An example of a different version is a pitcher [link] that has the same decor.
The word 'déposé' translates as 'registered' (registered trademark).

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type stein materialstoneware
producer Simon Peter Gerz
producer info
mold1493 E
design date1880 ~1900   

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