Gertz Stein

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Left side


Right side

the triangle mark with Fabrikwerk just underneath

I believe this is Gertz because of the triangular stamp and Fabrikmarke below it on the bottom also a heart shape and what looks like a "U" or a "4"

Added info given to me by a kind Gent
{produced by Simon Peter Gerz, probably in the 1950’s, 60’s -70’s. Made for export purposes (hence the ‘foreign’ marking).
It is a common stein, produced in the many thousands for the tourist industry. } Thanks for that !

type * unknown * material* unknown *
producer Simon Peter Gerz
producer info
design date50s-70s   
height 25.0 cm (appx. 9.8 inches.)   

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comment added by on 2015-05-04 (14:06 hrs)
Hello Pat,

If you could add a picture of the base markings, we'd probably be able to confirm the producer for you.

Paul, webmaster
comment added by on 2015-05-05 (13:20 hrs)
Thank you !

I have now added a photo of the Mark


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