Here we have an LB&C "Austrian Soldier" character stein. Note the beautifully done, large, "type 3" capacity mark. The stein is marked with the lower case, cursive "b" decorator initial and a small, four square, QC mark. The "geseztlich geschutst" mark is the same size and font as that used on HR porcelain steins. Note the LB&C mark and the missing thumblift typical of Freising character steins. There are no model numbers on LB&C steins.


This is the LB&C, "Monkeys on the Bottle" character stein. Note the large, "type 3" capacity mark along with the Q.C. and Decorator marks, indicating Hauber and Reuther early era (1882-1886) manufacture.



"Schlaraffenland" (BG)

"Schlaraffenland" (ST)

Before Merkelbach & Wick produced a variation of this theme for Hauber & Reuther, Hauber & Reuther was making these for LB&C. On the left is the stein made for LB&C by HR and on the right, the one made for HR by Merkelbach & Wick, model #407.


LB&C may have been a finishing shop located in Munich which is only some 30 km from Freising. We find some porcelain character steins made by a factory other than Freising but in the narrow bodied early Freising style that have "LBCM" stamped into their pewter, usually on the shank.

Here is a comparison of the porcelain LBCM Fox on the left to the stoneware Freising Fox on the right and as you can see the relationship is fairly obvious. While the relationship is obvious, and both foxes may have been designed by the same person, the porcelain fox is NOT an HR stein.