HAUBER & REUTHER LATE 1887-ca.1897

The HR factory had committed to porcelain production because this was the clay available to them, but stoneware was more popular as were etched and relief pieces. HR had some success with porcelain in these areas, but I think production problems forced them to look elsewhere for a supplier of etched, and relief, stoneware blanks. The factory that eventually supplied the blanks was Merkelbach & Wick. All Merkelbach & Wick supplied steins came marked with the "type 3," incised "pseudo" logo. The question remains open however, as to whether HR, or Merkelbach & Wick, did the actual decorating. Merkelbach & Wick probably produced these steins for Hauber & Reuther from 1887 to 1897, give or take a couple of years. From 1898 to 1907, A. J. Thewalt supplied ivory stoneware steins to HR and I don't see the need for two suppliers of ivory stoneware.

NOTE: Merkelbach & Wick plain bodied blanks that were made to be transfer decorated, or hand painted, were made without model numbers. Therefore, the hand painted, ivory stoneware pieces will be designated by the decor/model number only. These decor/model numbers will usually be followed by a letter, such as "111a."


This is the "type 7," capacity mark along with the MWG, small font model number. The "type 7" capacity mark was used only on Merkelbach & Wick produced steins. The HR logo now makes its appearance in the form of the "type 3," incised logo. This logo was used after 1886.


Model 410 - Here we have an etched, ivory stoneware piece that has the "type 3 incised HR logo, and just above it, under the left upright of the "H," we find the remains of a Merkelbach & Wick logo that was evidently applied in error and partially eradicated before the HR stamp was applied. I have included another MWG logo, set in the same position, for easy comparison. When the stein is tilted in the light, more of the mark is visible, but unfortunately I could not get it to show up completely in one picture. For those who find the capacity mark connection a bit tenuous, this find should make it easier to accept the source of the ivory stoneware steins, with the "type 3" HR logo, as Merkelback & Wick.



HR Model 143a (ST)

HR Model 197a (ST)


HR Model 257 (ST)

HR Model 420 (ST)


HR Model 457 (ST)

HR Model 480 (ST)