Brewery Krug

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Brewery Krug

Krug from the Zwiefelter Klosterbrau .5lt. with a Franz Storber impression under. The Zwiefelter Benedictine Monastery was founded in 1089 and its brewery was first recorded in 1521. Its beer proved to be so popular that in 1724 a brewery was built outside the monastery (today it is the brewery's restaurant) . In 1802 the monastery was secularised and became lunatic asylum and then a psychiatric hospital as it still is today, the brewery passed into private hands and is still in production.

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Form stein Materialpottery
Hersteller Modell-
Kapazität.5 lt   
Entwurfdatum20th century   
Höhe 12.5 cm (appx. 4.9 inches.)   

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